SYNLawn 116

SYNLawn 116 couples realistic green grass blades with tan colored thatch to enhance it's beautiful natural appearance.

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Product Description

SYNLawn 116 couples realistic green blades with tan colored thatch to enhance the natural appearance. Manufactured using soft polyethylene and polypropylene yarn for ultimate comfort, combined with our exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing Technology to ‘lock’ in turf fibers for superior resiliency. Backed with a 15-year manufacturer warranty for a long-lasting, lush landscape that will look beautiful for years.

Product Features

Environment Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology with BioCel™ backing system results in 60%-70% green by weight with greater dimensional stability. Contributes points towards LEED™ certification.
Minimal Infill
Uses only minimal amounts of silica sand for ballast.
Polypropylene thatch for resiliency and support combined with polyethylene monofilament long blades for soft feel.
Recommended for
Lawns with light foot traffic including Residential landscapes, water saturated areas, problem areas and shady areas.

Resiliency & Softness

Foot Traffic & Resiliency

Additional Information



Face Weight

45 ounces

Total Weight

71 ounces

Yarn Type

Grass Zone: Polyethylene // Thatch Zone: Texturized Polypropylene


Grass Zone: Field Green Olive // Thatch Zone: Turf Tan

Pile Height

Grass Zone: 1.25″ // Thatch Zone: 1.125″ +/-15%

Roll Width

15.0 feet

Drain Rate

> 30 inches per hour


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Nomoreweeds said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

Had it installed 2 weeks ago and I am thrilled every morning when I look at it.

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